Hilary James Voice Retreat
Kenwood Hall, Sheffield 5th-7th Oct 2018

My next scheduled voice workshop weekend is a return visit to what is fast becoming an annual event at the very comfortable Kenwood Hall Hotel in Sheffield. As last year, Hilary James will be running a concurrent voice workshop and we’ll combine the singers and mandolinists in the last session to form a massed choir and mandolin orchestra for a few pieces.

Although the voice and mandolin workshops will run separately, we’ll teach some joint pieces to perform together in the final session. The resulting mandolin orchestra and chorus is always enormous fun. You can get a flavour of the format from the video here.


Please use the Booking Form on Simon Mayor’s website to book.

Hope to see you in Sheffield!





About the workshop

Singers of all abilities are invited to join me in this relaxed workshop weekend of vocal delights. Enjoy the pleasure of singing either with a group or solo as you discover the potential of your own voice. Explore a variety of vocal genres from folk to blues, jazz, ballads, sea shanties, lullabies, comic songs and more.

I’ll be working both ‘by ear’ with simple, improvised vocal harmony and, for the more experienced, written parts for some songs will be available.

Simon’s mandolin group will be covering some of the same material, so in addition to the a capella pieces, the two groups will join at the end of the weekend for a grand concert of choir and mandolin orchestra, playing to an audience of, well… ourselves! It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and to learn to perform as an ensemble.

Music and MP3 sample files will be sent out in advance so you can acquaint yourself with the melodies. Above all, the weekend is meant to be a fun, relaxing time, and the amount of preparation you put in is entirely up to you – there will be no exam!

Simon Mayor & Hilary James – Saturday night concert

Simon and I will be playing a public concert on the Saturday evening. Entrance is free to those attending the workshops.