Barbary Allen

All in the merry month of May
When the green buds they were swellin’
Young William Green on his death bed lay
For the love of Barbary Allen. 

He sent his servant to the town
To the place where she was dwellin’ 
Sayin’, Master’s sick and he sends for you
If your name be Barbary Allen.

So slow-lie, slow-lie she got up 
And slow-lie she came nigh him 
And all she said when she got there 
Young man, I believe you’re dyin’.

Oh yes, I’m low, I’m very low, 
And death is on me dwellin’, 
No better, no better I’ll never be 
If I can’t get Barbary Allen.

Oh yes, you’re low and very low, 
And death is on you dwellin’ 
No better, no better you’ll never be 
For you can’t get Barbary Allen.

For don’t you remember in yonder town, 
In yonder town a-drinkin’,
You passed your glass all around and around
And you slighted Barbary Allen

Oh yes I remember in yonder town, 
In yonder town a-drinkin’, 
I gave my health to the ladies all around 
But my heart to Barbary Allen.

He turned his pale face to the wall 
For death was on him dwellin’, 
Adieu, adieu, good neighbours all, 
Adieu, sweet Barbary Allen.

As she was goin’ across the fields 
She heard those death bells knellin’ 
And every stroke the death bell gave 
Hard hearted Barbary Allen.

Oh mother, oh mother, go make my bed, 
Go make it long and narrow 
Young William’s died for me today 
I’ll die for him tomorrow.

Oh she was buried near the old church tower 
And he was buried nigh her 
And out of his bosom grew a red, red rose, 
From Barbary’s grew green briar.

They grew and grew up the old church tower
Until they grew no higher
They locked and tied in a true lover’s knot
Red rose wrapped round green briar. 

Love Lust & Loss
from the album

Love Lust & Loss

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