Thornaby Woods

In Thornaby Woods in Nottinghamshire 
In Thornaby Woods in Nottinghamshire 
Three keepers houses stood three square
About a mile from each other they were
There orders were to look after the deer 

Me and me dogs went out one night 
The moon and stars were shining bright 
O’er hedges ditches, fields and stiles
With my three dogs all at me heels
To catch a fat buck in Thornaby fields 

That very first night we had bad luck 
For one of me very best dogs got shot
He came to me both bloody and lame
Sorry was I for to see him the same
Him not being able to follow the game

So I went home and went to bed
And limping Jack went out in my staid
He searched the woods all round and round
Til he found a fat buck lying dead on the ground
Twas my little dog gave him his death wound

We got a butcher to skin the game
Likewise another to sell the same
The very first joint we offered for sale
Was to an old woman who sold bad ale
She had us all up in Nottingham Jail

Now Nottingham siizes are over and past
And me and Jack are out at last
The people all laughed them all to scorn
That such an old bugger should be foresworn
Into little pieces she should ‘a’ been torn

Love Lust & Loss
from the album

Love Lust & Loss

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