Stay A Little Longer

You ought to see my Blue Eyed Sally,
She lives away down on Shinbone Alley.
Number on the gatepost the number on the door,
Next house over is the grocery store.

    Stay all night stay a little longer,
    Dance all night dance a little longer,
    Pull off your coat throw it in the corner,
    Don’t see why you can’t stay a little long.

Don’t go home if you live by the mill
Bridge washed out at the bottom of the hill.
Big Creek up, Little Creek level,
Ploughed my corn with a double shovel.

Out in the window singin’ to my love
When a slop bucket fell from the window up above.
Mule and the grasshopper eatin’ ice cream,
Mule got sick so they laid him on a beam.

Slim Panatella & the Mellow Virginians
from the album

Slim Panatella & the Mellow Virginians

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