The Dreamless Sleep

A peaceful night. a gentle breeze
And still the dreamless sleep
Birds on the branches rest their heads
And meadows weighed with sheep
And out upon the deepest seas
A raging, fearful squall
As all this night the fearless fight;
A distant dream their call

And while young lovers’ hearts run free
Too soon their backs are broke
With heads held high a heavy sigh 
Fills other hearts to choke
And so the brave on restless wave
Steer on as torrents teem
Unknowing go to wind and woe
Upon a distant dream

And when the storms and gales have ceased 
The battered boat will rest
Soothed by the gently rocking waves
That pounded and distressed
This tranquil sea once boiled with rage
Winds roared and rent her sail
And now the battered body of
A boat bears home the tale.

© Hilary James 1996

Love Lust & Loss
from the album

Love Lust & Loss

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