The Lady And The Prentice

‘Twas down in Susan’s garden, for pleasure I did walk,
And there I heard two lovers so sweetly did they talk,
And she a wealthy lady, and he a prentice boy.
They courted one another, and he was all her joy.
His cheeks they were as roses & so to him said she:
“My love, if e’er I marry, I’m sure it will be to thee,
For though I am a lady, and you a ‘prentice boy,
Yet you alone possess my heart, & you are all my joy.”

And when that her parents they came to understand,
This young man he was banished into a foreign land.
While she was broken hearted, lamenting she did cry,
“My handsome, charming ‘prentice, a maid I’ll live & die”
So the young man to a merchant a waiting man was bound,
And for his good behaviour his fortune there he found,
And soon he was promoted as butler to the same,
And for his good behaviour, a steward next became.

With money in his pocket, a wager he put down.
And so he gained a fortune worth twenty thousand pounds
“Farewell, farewell, my master,  Farewell my lady kind.
For I must find my own dear love that I did leave behind.”
He dressed himself in velvets,  in gold & silver braid,
And then return’d to England, to his true love with great speed.
And when he did espie her, to embrace her he did play
But from his arms she started and frighten’d drew away

“Oh curse your gold & your silver,  your wealth I do defy
I love a humble prentice: for him alone live I.”
“O lady fair, my only, return unto my arms
I many years was banished and might not see your charms.
Then closely she observed him and knew him soon again.
His smiles dispersed her tears, as sun disperseth rain.
With kisses out of measure, she clasps him to her heart
“O now we meet together and never more will part”  

English Sketches
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English Sketches

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