Laughing With The Moon

Come the noon of night two drunken lovers sway 
Laughing with the moon and begging her to stay
Hear the distant sound of dancing on they follow
Easy comes today and easy goes tomorrow.

See the flying feet of Tom the mischief-maker
See the graceful turns of Bella Brown the baker
See the drunken lads, see the drunken lasses
Dance ‘The Dusty Miller’ ’til the moonlight passes.

Hear the fiddler’s tune the gentle breezes carry
With the pipes and drums that echo down the valley
On and on they dance until the sun discovers
In each others arms entwine to sleeping lovers

Let the dancers dance while ever they are able
To the finest fiddle made of finest maple
To the burning bow that’s made of finest willow
Feet will leave the floor ’til head will meet the pillow.


 © Hilary James and Simon Mayor 1996




Laughing With The Moon
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Laughing With The Moon

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