The Two Ravens

There were two ravens sat on a tree
And they were black as they could be
One of them I heard him say
Where shall we go and dine today
Shall we go down to the salt salt see
Or shall we go dine by the greenwood tree

As I walked down by the white sea sand
I saw a fair ship near at hand
I waved my hand and I bent my beak
The ship she sank to a howling shriek
There lie the sailors one two three
Shall we go dine by the salt salt sea

Come let me show you a far better sight
A lonesome glen a new slain knight
His blood runs yet on the grass so hot
His sword half undrawn and his shaft unshot
And nobody knows that he lies there
But his hound and his hawk and his lady fair

His hound is to the hunting gone
His hawk to fetch the wild fowl home
His lady’s away to another mate
Shall we go make our feasting sweet
Dinner is sure the feast is free
Come let dine by the greenwood tree

Oh you can tear at his naked thighs
And I’ll peck out his blue eyes
You can pull a lock of his fine yellow hair
To thicken your nest when it grows bare
The golden down on his fair
Will do to rest me young ones in

Oh cold and bare will his bed be
When winter storms sing in the tree
His heads on the tomb but his feet a stone
His sleep nor hear young maidens mourn
Over his bones wild birds fly
The wild deer run and the foxes cry.


English Sketches
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English Sketches

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